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Work in progress - overview
« on: May 17, 2020, 09:32:31 PM »
The following changes, additions and improvements are work in progress:

- Fleet, PMDG 777F, CS 757-200F
- ACVacars, compatibility FS2020

- Fleet, PMDG 737-800F, 747-400F, 747-400ERF
- ACVacars, DownloadCenter, several improvements
- ACVacars, compatibility P3Dv5
- ACVacars, compatibility PMDG
- Website, each route can be optionally flown with each aircraft of sufficient range now
- Update of all Flightplans, now also with .rte files for PMDG aircrafts
- Website, some automatizations in schedule and route handling

- Fleet, JF 747-200F, CS 767-300F

Due to a lack of spare time actually, the work will be completed until end of October.
Recruitment of new pilots paused until 01 November.

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