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Welcome to Arrow Cargo Virtual

Who we are

Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) is a virtual airline of flight-simulator (FSX, P3D) enthusiasts with its hubs in Anchorage/Alaska (PANC) and Miami (KMIA). Our fleet bases on elder airplanes (Boeing 727-200F, Boeing 737-200F, Boeing 757-200F, Lockheed 1011-200F, DC-10-30F, etc.). We are specialized in transporting cargo, sometimes doing charter flights. Regular passenger-flights are less our business. The main destinations of ACV are located in Alaska, America, Australia, Asia and Europe. The official language spoken within ACV is English.

ACV is not operative yet. Kick-off is going to be in 2018.
No recruiting at the moment due to pre-testing of ACVacars.
ACVacars development: v., Closed BETA (view dev progress)
Current AIRAC in use: Cycle 1811

Pilots actually flying

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Remaining Distance/Time

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10/22/2018 - SkySimulations, new MD-11 v2

Interesting surprise.
All of a sudden SkySimulations released its version 2 of the MD-11.
Running on P3Dv3 and P3Dv4.
Screenshots and published vids on YouTube look promising:

Good to know: PaintKit should arrive within days.
Check it out, I do for sure.
Maybe that MD11v2 becomes part of the fleet, who knows ;-)

Posted by Pete (CEO)

09/09/2018 - JF working on B-747-200F

Very interesting. JustFlight is developing a B-747-200F.
The available screenshots are pleasing so far.
Have a look at https://www.justflight.com/product/747-classic

Posted by Pete (CEO)

08/08/2018 - CS 757 III v.1.2 and RR

Great news from CaptainSim. The CS 757 III reached version 1.2 with sorting out lots of bugs.
The add-on with Rolls-Royce engines saw the light of day yesterday.
I guess the freighter add-on of this lovely plane is showing up in a few months.
If so, the CS 757 III freighter will be part of the ACV fleet too and ACV goes live, finally.
Check CS 757 III out here: https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops/

More news to ACV and about the development of its tremendous ACVacars soon.

Posted by Pete (CEO)

04/26/2018 - CS 737 v.2.2, CS 757 III

CaptainSim has recently released a new patch for the 737: Version 2.2 that fixes the annoying landing-lights bug.
Furthermore, the new 757 III is on its way to the long awaited version 1.1. The freighter version could arrive still in 2018.

Good and important news for ACV. Thanks to CaptainSim!

The own work at the ACVacars has reached version
Awaiting the 757 III freighter and the updates for 727 and 1011 to P3Dv4 from CS before recruiting new pilots.
If not, ACV opens its doors finally in Autumn 2018, whatever the update-status from CS aircrafts to P3Dv4 will be.
(The very slow progression of CaptainSim in bringing the great CS add-ons to P3Dv4 is somewhat frustrating.)

Furthermore, I am checking out the possibilities with X-Plane 11. ACVacars is generally capable to handle this FSim too.

Posted by Pete (CEO)

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