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Welcome to Arrow Cargo Virtual

Who we are

Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) is a virtual airline of flight-simulator (P3Dv4/v5, FS2020) enthusiasts with hubs in Anchorage/Alaska (PANC) and Miami (KMIA). We are specialized in transporting cargo, sometimes doing charter flights. Regular passenger-flights are less our business. The main destinations of ACV are located in Alaska, America, Australia, Asia and Europe. The official language spoken within ACV is English.

ACVacars (Open Beta) in use
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01/24/2021 - JF 146pro added

The recently released BAe 146-300QT of Just Flight has been added to the fleet of ACV.
The N240LH and the N241LH are ready to fly with.
The BAe 146 is a very nice addition, its elder navigation systems and its capability to operate from short runways of small airfields is fun and a challenge at once.
Especially as cargo pilot in Alaska, flying between smaller airfields surrounded by massive mountains.

Posted by Pete (CEO)

01/04/2021 - ACV opened its doors

The virtual airline Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) has opened its doors.
Our own ACVacars system is in final BETA status and ready to use.
More than 160 test flights have been flown with it until now.

During the next weeks/months the access to our fleet will be completed.
Any candidate-aircraft restrictions are deactivated at the beginning phase of ACV.
All big birds will be given free until end of January/February 2021, some are still in testing phase.

Read our FAQ section for more information about an ACV membership.

Posted by Pete (CEO)

01/03/2021 - JF HS-748F added

JustFlight's HS-748 freighter added to the ACV fleet.
A pleasing and easy going addition.
And a very nice little bird to fly with between small airfields of Alaska.
Especially now during winter times.

Posted by Pete (CEO)

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