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(Last update: 29 March 2020, 20:00:47)


Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) is a virtual airline of flight-simulator (P3Dv4/v5, FS2020) enthusiasts with hubs in Anchorage/Alaska (PANC) and Miami (KMIA). We are specialized in transporting cargo, sometimes doing charter flights. Regular passenger-flights are less our business. The main destinations of ACV are located in Alaska, America, Australia, Asia and Europe. The official language spoken within ACV is English.

NO real money can be earned.

Founded in July 2016, operative since 01 March 2020

ACV was founded in July 2016 by PeteFly82 for the purpose of establishing a virtual airline with focus on cargo flights. From July 2016 to March 2020 ACV was only internally used as testbed for the development of the own acars software ACVacars. ACV is open for additional pilots since 01 March 2020.

The virtual pilots of ACV feel ambition to perform a flight in a quite realistic matter. Instead of flying planless from point A to point B, we follow the waypoints of the related flightplan. Furthermore, the different phases of a flight are mastered by working off the particular checklist. Flying for ACV can also be regarded as training to practice long distance flights within time, fuel and budget as well as to fly within required flight characteristicas.

Career at ACV as a virtual airline pilot

ACV does not accept each candidate. Certain minimum criterias must be fulfilled for joining ACV as a virtual airline pilot:

- Good kind of behavior;
- Minimum age of 18;
- Sufficient skills in speaking and writing English;
- At least intermediate flying skills and being generally experienced in using FSX or P3D;
- Being able to fly one of the candidate-aircrafts from A to B (flight-route);
- The will and discipline to fulfill each ACV-flight according to our rules and obligations;
- The will to appear from time to time on our forum (optional: and on Discord);
- Free ACV-pilot slot available.

Each candidate begins with zero ACV-flying-hours. Flying hours of other virtual airlines (VA) are not creditable. Below a certain minimum of flying hours an ACV pilot does not have access to each aircraft of ACV. The general rule is, the bigger the airplane the more flying hours are required. But it is not necessary to have hundreds of ACV-flying-hours before receiving access to the big planes (compared to some other VAs). Each member gets treated equally.

ACV does not endlessly hire candidates. The atmosphere/mood ("easy going") among the ACV-members is more important than having as much pilots as possible. In addition ACV hires only as much pilots as for the current fleet is needed.

An executed ACV-flight is only accepted under certain minimum criterias. If a flight fulfills the minimum criterias but contains pilot-errors, the counted flight-time will be reduced. The penalty-reduction of the counted flight-time depends on the severeness of the penalised pilot-errors. A flight can only be flown if the pilot has reserved/bidded it. A bidded flight can not flown by more than one ACV-pilot at once. Each ACV-pilot can not bid for more than two flights at the same time. Not flown bidded-flights are unbidded automatically after a short time.

It is not a must to fulfil an ACV-flight by using an ATC-tool like ProATCX or similar. Also, there are no obligations to pass an ACV-flight by doing it over Vatsim or similar. An ACV-pilot can perform an ACV-flight with the standard ATC-tool of FSX/P3D, as long as our "ACVacars" tool is logging your running flight.

The ACV-membership is free. No payment of contribution has to be payed. Every member of ACV is free to terminate his ACV-membership whenever he/she wants.

ACV is free to remove a member at any time.

Regard the membership at ACV as possibility to feel better entertained while using civil flight-simulations or even to take ACV as a possibility to train/improve your flight-simulator airline pilot skills. The use of real currency symbols is just for fun, does not mean anything and is only for increasing the simulation atmosphere within ACV.
NO real money gets payed and NO employment contract will be closed thereby.