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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Last update: 10 September 2020, 07:30:55)

I. General

1.1. What are the aircrafts of the ACV-fleet?

No aircraft restrictions for candidates at the moment.

Short haul:
Aircraft Link FS2020 P3Dv5 P3Dv4 P3Dv3 flyable for Candidates
A-300-B4-200F avsim.com, freeware x x x Yes, always
B-737-200F Captain Sim x x Yes, always
B-737-800BCF PMDG x x Yes, always

Long haul:
Aircraft Link FS2020 P3Dv5 P3Dv4 P3Dv3 flyable for Candidates
L-1011-200F Captain Sim x x x Yes
B-747-400ERF PMDG x x Yes
B-747-400F PMDG x x Yes

Aircraft Link FS2020 P3Dv5 P3Dv4 P3Dv3 flyable for Candidates
B-777-200F PMDG x x Yes
B-767-300F Captain Sim x x Yes
B-747-200F Just Flight x x Yes
B-757-200F Captain Sim x x Yes

Aircraft Link FS2020 P3Dv5 P3Dv4 P3Dv3 flyable for Candidates
B-727-200F Captain Sim x retired
A-300-600F avsim.com, freeware x x x retired
DC-10-30F Just Flight x retired

1.2. How realistic do you fly at ACV?

Medium realistic. We are not wannabe pilots. We do not have ambition to perform a flight accordingly to ALL rules and regulations of a real aviation commercial flight. On the other hand, we perform a flight by working-off all checklists and by respecting minimum criterias. Lots of different pilot-errors get detected by our ACVacars and result in time-penalties or in refusal of flight acceptance.

For more information about our ACVacars - Click here

1.3. Consequences of a penalized pilot-error during an ACV-flight by ACVacars?

Each penalty results in a reduction of the creditable ACV-flying-time. The more severe an error is, the higher is the penalty therefor. This is handled/executed by our ACVacars automatically. Each ACV-member gets treated equally.

1.4. Time-limit before receiving pilot-error-penalty?

In most cases, yes. The most pilot-errors must be held up during a specific period of time before receiving a penalty therefor.
For example, if you forget to deactivate the landing-lights above an altitude of 10'000ft, you have a time-frame of 30sec. to recognize and to correct this error. Only if you do not correct this pilot-error during that time period, the penalty will be awarded by our ACVacars.
But, for another example, if you lower the landing-gear at 290kn, the penalty will be awarded immediately.

II. Pilot-Career at ACV

2.1. Money payed?, Contract closed?

Regard the membership at ACV as possibility to feel better entertained while using civil flight-simulations or even to take ACV as a possibility to train/improve your flight-simulator airline pilot skills.
The use of real currency symbols is just for fun, does not mean anything and is only for increasing the simulation atmosphere within ACV.
NO real money gets payed and NO employment contract will be closed thereby.

2.2. Do I have to pay something? Free to leave?

The ACV-membership is free.
No payment of contribution has to be payed.
Every member of ACV is free to terminate his/her ACV-membership whenever he/she wants.

2.3. Minimum criterias as candidate?

- Good kind of behavior;
- Minimum age of 18;
- Sufficient skills in speaking and writing English;
- At least intermediate flying skills and being generally experienced in using FSX or P3D;
- Being able to fly one of the candidate-aircrafts from A to B (flight-route);
- The will and discipline to fulfill each ACV-flight according to our rules and obligations;
- The will to appear from time to time on our forum (optional: and on Discord);
- Free ACV-pilot slot available.

2.4. How often do I have to fly?

You can fly as often or seldom as you want. But:
- After 20 days without flying, a candidate will be deleted.
- After 3 months of inactivity, the membership will be deactivated.
- After 6 months of inactivity, the membership will be deleted (exceptions possible).

2.5. ACV membership, something for me?

What type of candidates is ACV looking for?
Generally, ACV welcomes every adult flight-simmer.
But the past shows that flight-simmers with the following intentions do not seem to be a match to ACV:
- I prefer to fly from where ever to where ever I want;
- I want to fly without any waypoint-route of a flightplan;
- I want to fly a bid with whatever aircraft I have installed on my PC;
- I do not have the will to get knowledge of how the ACV-website and ACVacars work.
- When I fly, I do not really take care of my flying behaviour. Turning with bank angle at 90, pushback with reverse thrust, taxiing with 50kts, etc., do not bother me.

On the other hand, ACV is an interesting and pleasing option for people who want to perform virtual airline flights with reality as a role model up to a certain extend.

2.6. Flying hours of other VA's creditable?

No. Flying hours of other virtual airlines (VA) are not creditable.

2.7. Usage of Vatsim, ProATCX, etc., mandatory?

No. An ACV-flight can be performed offline with the standard ATC of FSX/P3D.
Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use an ATC-tool like ProATCX or to fly online on Vatsim, etc.

2.8. Appearance on ACV-forum/ACV-Discord mandatory?

It is optional (but welcome) to appear on our Discord server. It is mandatory to appear from time to time on our forum. A steady absence of an ACV-member from our forum results in a ban. The sense of ACV is to increase the flight-experience by doing it as a virtual airline pilot as part of a group, and not as a lone wolf. A virtual airline constisting of lone wolves does not make sense, does it?

2.9. How many pilot-slots are existing?

The number of ACV-pilot-slots depends on the number of aircrafts of ACV. Within ACV each flight can only be flown by one pilot at once. The purpose is to get as many pilots as needed for having the fleet-aircrafts flown steadily but not as many that some pilots do not have an airplane free to fly with.