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Rules and Regulations

(Last update: 09 December 2018, 14:02:06)

Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) - Rules and Regulations

1. Minimum criterias for acceptance as ACV candidate

- Good kind of behavior;
- Minimum age of 18;
- Sufficient skills in speaking and writing English;
- At least intermediate flying skills and being generally experienced in using FSX or P3D;
- Being able to fly one of these candidate-aircrafts from A to B (flight-route): CS B-727-200F, CS B-737-200F;
- The will and discipline to fulfill each ACV-flight according to our rules and obligations;
- The will to appear from time to time on our forum (optional: and on teamspeak);
- Free ACV-pilot slot available.

2. Minimum software needed (installed and running)

- One of these flight-sims: FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv3 or P3Dv4;
- One of the candidate-aircrafts (CS B-727-200F, CS B-737-200F);
- ACVacars (you are able to download this software from our download-section after acceptance as candidate);
- (Optional) Skype with micro/headset (video-cam not needed);
- (Optional) Teamspeak 3 Client with micro/headset;
- (Optional) One or more of the hub airport add-ons;
- (Optional) One or more destination airport add-ons.

3. Career at Arrow Cargo Virtual

- The "career" at ACV as a virtual airline pilot is only just for fun.
- NO real money gets payed and NO employment contract will be closed thereby.
- The use of real currency symbols is just for fun, does not mean anything and is only for increasing the gaming atmosphere within ACV.
- The ACV-membership is free. No payment of contribution has to be payed.
- Every member of ACV is free to terminate his ACV-membership whenever he/she wants.
- Arrow Cargo Virtual (ACV) or PeteFly82 canNOT be held responsible/liable for acts of ACV-members.

4. Legal/Disclaimer and FAQ

- By accepting the rules and regulations you assure to have read and you fully accept the content of the Legal/Disclaimer section of the ACV-Website.
- By accepting the rules and regulations you assure to have read and you fully accept the content of the FAQ section of the ACV-Website.

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations and if you fulfil them, you may continue to fill-out the application by clicking the button below.

Registration deactivated. ACV is not operative yet.