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(Last update: 28 August 2017, 13:01:32)

Own ACARS/PIREP system "ACVacars"

1. General

ACV developed an own ACARS/PIREP system (program "ACVacars") to guarantee the fairness and objectivity in evaluating each reported flight-log. Furthermore, the software "ACVacars" takes the fact into account that both flight simulations (FSX and Prepar3D) have their problems in software-stability. It can be quite annoying and frustrating, if a long-haul flight gets interrupted by a CTD (crash to desktop) after seven hours of flying. In the same way normal life obligations of a virtual airline pilot (family, job, etc.) stand toward the effort to increase the own number of flying hours. That is why our software "ACVacars" is capable to continue a running flight after a CTD or after loading a savegame without loss of the gathered flight data until that point. But do not worry, the encryption of the saved flight data prevents them from getting manipulated before transmitted to our website.

2. Development status

Meanwhile, ACVacars has reached "CLOSED-BETA" status. It is possible to perform a whole IFR-flight with it. The pilot-mistakes get detected and assessed reliably. The transmission of the data to the phpVMS-website is working too. ACVacars should reach the needed level for using it internally in ACV in autumn 2017. Lots of bugs could be sorted out and some code-weaknesses could be resolved. ACVacars is more an more a mature tool which makes pretty much fun to use it. More news are following during the next months.

3. The following NoGo-erros are detected and penalized (denial of flight-acceptance) by ACVavars:

- Activating SLEW mode;
- Cheating, change aircraft type during flight;
- Aircraft crashing;
- Aircraft crashing due to not landable surface;
- Cheating FSim time (UTC);
- Damaging the aircraft in general;

Boarding, Taxiing, Takeoff:
- Rolling / flying with excess of maximum gross-weight (GW);
- Taking-off with excess of maximum take-off weight;
- Taking-off at an incorrect departure airport;
- Taking-off with flaps at zero degrees;
- Not all doors closed at speed faster than 99 kts TAS;
- Pitch degree at take-off more than 20 degrees;
- Take-off with exceeding max. payload (only cargo);
- Take-off with spoilers/speedbrakes extended;

- Gear not fully retracted at speed faster than 250 kts IAS;
- Pitch degree during whole flight more than +/- 60 degrees;
- Bank angle during flight more than +/- 85 degrees;
- Running out of fuel;
- Exceeding maximum speed in general;
- Speed faster than 290 kts IAS below 9500 ft;
- Activating reverse-thrust in the air;
- Exceeding max. service ceiling altitude (e.g. 43000 ft);
- Cutting-off all engines while being in the air;

- Spoilers extended between 80 to 600 ft radio-altitude;
- Pitch degree at touch-down more than 20 degrees;
- Vertical-speed at touch-down more than -600 ft/min;
- Exceeding maximum landing-weight at touch-down;
- Landing at an incorrect destination airport;
- Activating parking brakes at speed faster than 80 kts IAS;

4. The following Small(er)-erros are detected and penalized by ACVavars:

Boarding, Taxiing, Takeoff:
- Unpunctual departure. Difference of more than 5 min. (first engine started);
- Open doors during rolling/taxiing;
- Beacon lights not ON as soon as an engine is running;
- Thrust more than 40% while parking brakes are ON;
- Position lights not ON during whole flight (as soon as the aircraft moves);
- Rolling/Taxiing with exceeding max. payload (only cargo);
- Strobe lights not ON while being airborne or faster than 60 kts IAS;
- Pitch degree at take-off more than 15 degrees;
- While taking-off baro settings mismatch;

- Landing-lights not OFF above 10500 ft;
- Above transition level baro settings mismatch;
- Pitch degree during whole flight more than +/- 45 degrees;
- Bank angle during flight more than +/- 60 degrees;
- Thrust more than 96% (wearing engines);
- Never reaching bid flight-level (TOC);

- Landing-lights not ON below 9500 ft;
- Faster than 255 kts IAS below 10000 ft;
- Gear down at speed faster than 230 kts IAS;
- Pitch degree at touch-down more than 15 degrees;
- Less than 10% fuel reserves at touch-down;
- Vertical-speed at touch-down more than -300 ft/min;
- Unpunctual touch-down at arrival airport. Difference of more than 10 min;
- Reverse-thrust at speed slower than 60 kts IAS;
- Activating parking brakes at speed faster than 10 kts TAS;

Taxiing, Deboarding:
- Beacon lights not OFF as soon as no engines are running;
- Unpunctual arrival. Difference of more than 11 min. (last engine shut-down);